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Sharing Your Work

When applying for college, or even for jobs, having samples of your work and an easily accessible version of your resume can make a big difference. Today, almost all applications are submitted online, so using web tools to house your information in one nicely laid out online location to be sent to an admissions office or employer can be a huge advantage.

A great site to help you build your FREE online presence is You can upload photos of yourself, write a bio, post links to your social media sites and even add writing samples and a link to your resume!

To create an profile, all you need is an email address. You can upload custom backgrounds or use the variety of layout options available to create an online business card. Once you like the look and feel of your page, you can add in links to documents such as your resume by using Google Drive.

Instructions for Google Drive:

If you have a Gmail account, you can login to Drive using that username and password. If you don’t, you can set up a Drive account with your existing email address.Once you log in to Google Drive, you can create a new document where your resume can “live.”


Click the “create” button and then select “document.” This will create a new text document where you can copy and paste your resume. Google even automatically saves this document periodically for you!


Here is an example of what the page you should be on looks like:


Once you’ve put in your resume content and you want to get the link to share this document, you have to change the privacy settings. Do this by clicking the blue “share” button.


This is the page that comes up when you hit “share.”


That is the link that you will be using to share your resume on other sites. To make sure that others with this link can view your resume, you need to change who has access to the document. Under “Who has access,” make sure it is set to “Anyone who has the link can view.


Now, when you add the link to your page, anyone can view your resume and see all your wonderful accomplishments!

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