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8th Grade

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Grad : Career Planning

Ideally, a career should match a person's interests, abilities, and values. The following career-planning resources can be useful in identifying possible career pathways. 

Grad : Military Information

Military Information

The military can offer a diverse and challenging set of experiences and skill development. Along with travel opportunities, it also helps pay for part of your education. 

To join the military, you need to be physically fit and have good grades. Skill in math, engineering, science, and foreign languages can help you advance.

Grad : Resources

There are many great online resources to help you to think about your future. Whether you need help setting goals or want to explore your college and career options, the suggestions below will help guide you through that process:

Set : Managing Your Money

Common college costs include tuition, mandatory fees, room and board (food), books, transportation, and supplies. Meeting these financial obligations is a critical component to educational success. 

Set : Find the Right School

Colleges and Universities

Two-Year Colleges

Two-year colleges, often referred to as community or technical colleges, offer associate degrees and certificate programs. Washington community and technical colleges offer a wide variety of programs and coursework. Several two-year pathways offer easy transfer opportunities to four-year colleges and universities.

Ready : Timeline

Explore best practices and grade-level recommendations for students and families pursuing higher education.


Ready : Preparing for My Education

There are so many ways you can prepare for high school graduation and beyond, even in 8th grade. You should start thinking about visiting colleges and thinking through the classes you need to register for in high school.

Ready : What You Need To Know

In just one year, you’ll be in high school. Your grades will start counting toward your high school diploma in 9th grade, even if your district uses the junior high system, so you should start preparing now. Think about what you want to do when you grow up and what kind of education that will require. And while you might take a different path if you want to be a photographer than an accountant, it all starts with completing your high school education, so make that your top priority.

Did you know? College graduates:

Set : Paying for My Education

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