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College Goal Washington would not be possible without volunteers! Sign up to volunteer

Registration Support 

  • Greet students and families, ensuring that everyone signs in properly and is directed to the appropriate location.
  • Distribute materials, such as surveys, Federal Student Aid publications, and other information about financial aid.
  • Collect surveys after the event.

Financial Aid Experts

  • Answer tough FAFSA and WASFA questions and provide expert guidance.
  • We recommend one to two Financial Aid Experts per room or computer lab where FAFSA/WASFA filing is taking place.

Supporting Undocumented Students

  • Assist undocumented students with WASFA questions, as well as with general information on support services for undocumented students at college.
  • Should be knowledgeable about HB 1079 and DACA. 
  • We recommend having one person who is familiar with these resources and programs at each event.


  • Give one-on-one assistance to students and families filing the FAFSA or the WASFA. This position requires basic knowledge of online FAFSA and WASFA filing plus answers some of the most commonly asked questions.
  • We recommend a ratio of one helper to eight students per room.
  • Prior to the event, all FAFSA/WASFA helpers should watch the College Goal Washington trainings, provided via two webinars.
  • We will announce the time and date of the trainings when the Department of Education completes their online FAFSA updates.
  • These volunteers should ask each FAFSA/WASFA filer to complete the CGW online survey.

Workshop Presenters 

  • Present on pre-arranged topics for your event.
  • Some presenters may present on financial aid and college planning topics in addition to offering FAFSA filing support.
  • Presenters should check-in at the registration desk, and sign in.

Technical, Audio, and Visual Support 

  • Available to troubleshoot potential computer problems in FAFSA/WASFA filing room.
  • Available to troubleshoot any problems with presentation or audio equipment.
  • Email access and computers should be prepared prior to the start of the event. often communicates with students via email, so please ensure that Gmail, Yahoo, and similar email servers can be accessed from school computers. 
  • Swap mobile numbers with IT volunteers. You’ll want to reach them quickly in the event of emergency.

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