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$ For College

Cost of Attendance

College is expensive but there are many ways to pay, and financial aid is available to make college more affordable. The information on this page will help you understand the costs associated with attending college.

The chart below provides the estimated resident tuition and service and activities (S&A) fees for full-time students. Remember, the amounts in this chart are the sticker price of each institution--that is, the cost of attendance BEFORE your grants, scholarships, and other financial aid are taken into account. There is significant financial aid available to offset these costs. To find the average net price (the price you'll pay after financial aid) for a college or university, use the U.S. Department of Education's Net Price Calculator, and visit Financial Aid and How Do I Apply to learn more about financial aid in Washington.

2020-21 Tuition Rates

Note: The information below includes colleges and universities that participate in state financial aid programs. The tuition rates listed are estimates for Washington resident students. Check the college websites for actual tuition and fee costs and available financial aid and scholarships.

Public Research Universities 

  • University of Washington ($11,067)
  • Washington State University ($10,760)

Public Comprehensive Universities 

  • Central Washington University ($7,187)
  • Eastern Washington University ($6,706)
  • The Evergreen State College ($7,185)
  • Western Washington University ($7,377)

Public Community & Technical Colleges

  • All (15 credits per quarter) ($4,231)
  • Applied Baccalaureate (15 credits per quarter) ($6,781)

Private Four-Year Non-Profit Colleges and Universities

  • Antioch University ($22,035)
  • Bastyr University ($26,895)
  • City University of Seattle ($19,035)
  • Cornish College of the Arts ($34,200)
  • Gonzaga University ($46,920)
  • Heritage University ($18,392)
  • Northwest University ($33,980)
  • Pacific Lutheran University ($46,200)
  • Saint Martin's University ($39,940)
  • Seattle Pacific University ($47,244)
  • Seattle University ($48,090)
  • University of Puget Sound ($53,800)
  • Walla Walla University ($29,931)
  • Western Governors University - WA ($7,040)
  • Whitman University ($55,968)
  • Whitworth University ($46,250)

In addition to tuition and fees, there are other expenses to consider when thinking about how much college may cost.

Cost of Attendance (COA)

Each school has its own COA, which includes:

  • Tuition and fees (the price you pay to attend classes and earn credit towards a degree. Additional fees pay for student facilities like libraries and athletic centers, services like parking passes and student identification, and other administrative costs)
  • Books and class supplies
  • Living expenses (food and the cost of living in a college dormitory or apartment)
  • Transportation expenses (public transit pass, gas, parking, and travel)
  • Personal expenses (clothing, laundry, and hygiene)

Consider all of these expenses when evaluating your financial aid options and deciding which college you want to attend.

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