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Supporting your students 

We have free brochures and posters, including the NEW middle school informational flyer. Order materials.

Below, you’ll find resources for middle school—such as the middle school toolbox and online application—and high school. 

Middle school: Signing up your students 

Online Application

This is how individual students can sign up for the program.

  1. With the student, the counselor fills out the online application (available in English or Spanish). 
  2. Print the Missing Information Letter and, along with a College Bound brochure (available in September).
  3. Send it home for the student to get the signatures (parent/guardian/student) and to have the appropriate income box checked. Only the parent/guardian may complete this form. 
  4. Ask the student to return the completed form to you so you can forward it to College Bound.

Resources and Materials

Middle School Toolbox

To begin the student's application process, authorized school staff may upload the names of eligible 7th and 8th grade students into the Washington Student Achievement Council's (WSAC) secure portal. 


  • College Bound Scholarship Reconciled Rate Webinar (Recording) (Presentation)  This webinar, led by WSAC staff, has information about the College Bound Scholarship initial and reconciled sign-up rates. It reviews the materials that were sent to superintendents in each district.

  • Portal Overview Tutorial 
    This video is an overview of all features in the MS Toolbox.

Overview of Toolbox Process

  1. Request access to WSAC’s secure portal
  2. Login to the MS Toolbox Home Screen, then select "Programs," "College Bound," "MS Toolbox." Follow the instructions to import students.
  3. Print the Missing Information Letter (MIL) and form.
    How to Print Missing Information Letters (tutorial) - This video covers the basics for printing Missing Information Letters for all of your students.
  4. Send the letter and a College Bound brochure home with students.
  5. Students need their parent or guardian to complete and sign the form. Students must also sign the form.
  • Check the appropriate income box.
  • Return the completed form to you.
  • Send the completed forms to WSAC, PO Box 43430, Olympia, WA 98504.
  • Other Toolbox Features

    • Monitor the number of your students who have applied and their application status (complete or incomplete). 
    • Print MILs for students whose applications lack signatures or income verification.
    • Edit student information such as incorrect name, SSID, address, etc. 

    Understanding the Charts (tutorial) - This video covers the bar charts, how numbers are calculated, how to update student information and how to print individual student Missing Information Letters.

    High school and college: Using the scholarship


     Repledge Campaign

    Support your 9th graders by having them recommit to the pledge. Join Washington’s College Bound Scholarship Repledge Campaign, managed by the Washington College Access Network (WCAN). When you sign up with WCAN, you can request FREE printed copies of the repledge workbook. WCAN will deliver the workbooks to your school.

    12th Year Campaign

    Washington's 12th Year Campaign supports high school seniors with college and financial aid applications. 

    College Readiness

    Get resources to share with students and families about minimum college admission standards, graduation requirements, dual credit, and smarter balanced assessments.