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9th Grade

Ready : Preparing for My Education

College might seem millions of miles away at this point, but it’s important to get ready for success now. Make sure you’re on track to graduate and prepared for life after high school.

Did you know? There are three things you must do to in order to graduate from high school:

  1. Earn high school credit (view the required classes and credit requirements).
  2. Pass state tests or approved alternatives to those tests.
  3. Complete a High School and Beyond Plan.

While academics in high school are crucial for your future, high school is also a time to explore your hobbies and passions. Try out for team sports, join clubs that interest you—like debate or theatre—and volunteer with organizations that give back to your community. Finding what interests you most will help a lot down the road when you’re planning your next educational move. High school is a time to grow and change, and it’s really exciting. Make the most of it!

In between hanging with friends and family, here are eight things you can do in 9th grade and throughout high school to set yourself up for success:

  • Read every day.
  • Get involved in something you really care about.
  • Involve your family members in the college selection and planning process.
  • Find a mentor who can support you.
  • Take challenging courses.
  • Get ready for college admissions tests.
  • Talk to people who are in the know, such as college students, administrators, or professors.
  • If a problem comes up, ask for help.

Below are some more things to consider doing during 9th grade.


  • Study daily.
  • Take a foreign language class.
  • Take Algebra I or above.
  • Ask your guidance counselor or teachers what Advanced Placement courses are available, whether you are eligible, and how to enroll in them.
  • Research high school courses.
  • Start a portfolio of your work.


  • Keep track of all of your extracurricular activities.
  • List at least five goals that you can achieve this year.
  • Start a journal or a blog.
  • Try a new activity, like a sport, club, or volunteer opportunity.
  • Create a summer reading list.
  • Research college and career possibilities.
  • Create a file of the following documents and notes:
    • Copies of report cards.
    • List of awards and honors.
    • List of school and community activities in which you are involved, including both paid and volunteer work, and descriptions of what you do.


  • To understand how much you will need to save for college, try this college savings calculator.
  • Learn the facts about how you can get the most money for college.
  • Visit a nearby college.
  • Save money from your summer job.
  • Talk to a college student about what college is like.
  • Start a calendar and track important school dates and deadlines.
  • Interview two people about their career.
  • Set up a job-shadow day


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