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Learn how Ready Set Grad can help you stay on track to graduate and succeed.


9th Grade

Ready : Overview

Welcome to high school! There’s a lot to learn, and it’s never too early to start planning your next steps after graduation.

Stay on track to graduation

Set yourself up for success along the way

  • Keep your grades up—they’ll count toward your high school grade point average, or GPA, that colleges will see when you apply.
  • Consider taking classes that are more difficult, so you stand out to college admissions officers.
  • Pursue your interests and leadership opportunities by trying out for activities and joining clubs.
  • Learn about minimum college admission standards at public four-year colleges in Washington.
  • Compare required high school credits with minimum credit requirements for admission at a public four-year college in Washington, and academic requirements for the NCAA.
  • Find out about admission requirements at colleges you’re interested in.
  • Identify teachers, coaches, mentors, or members of your community who could write you letters of recommendation.
  • Consider which extracurricular activities can make you stand out.
  • Think about how you will pay for education after high school.

Find out about dual credit opportunities at your school

Earning college credit in high school can save you time and money when you get to college. Dual credit courses challenge you with college-level work, which is good preparation for your plans after high school. And you may be able to get college credits on your transcript. Visit the dual credit lookup tool to find out how your AP, IB, or Cambridge test scores apply as college credit.


10th grade

11th grade

12th grade


The Ready, Set, Grad (RSG) website will be retired as of November 2021. Please update any bookmarks or hyperlinks to RSG pages as appropriate.

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